Uvira®: UV-LED Irradiation Device

Provides maximum UV energy at optimal wavelengths

  • The result of years of our accumulated expertise in UV illumination, the Uvira irradiating device optimizes the illumination aspect and the curing state relative to the area of illumination. Whether working with adhesives or a laminated sheet, Uvira ensures optimal UV irradiation across the work area, providing a significantly higher level of quality assurance in the production line.

Uvira®: UV-LED Irradiation Device

Using a proprietary high-efficiency water-cooling system, Uvira offers a custom-designed large UV-LED unit that conforms to customer’s unique requirements.

How Uvira offers accurate advantages in production lines of all kinds:
・Units can be freely combined, from smaller to larger areas of illumination
・UV curing with a minimal level of thermal damage, thanks to temperature hike suppression
・Remarkably thin, compact and lightweight chassis allows ease of installation
・Water-cooling unit incorporated
・Instant illumination and UV-LED shut-off saves boot-up time
・Ideal for working with curved surfaces
・Long-life UV chip ensures drastic cutbacks in running costs read more


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