AV-10 Rotary Viscometer

Monitor drift or changes in viscosity in real-time

The AV-10 helps to ensure higher efficiency in both production lines and research labs by making it possible to monitor changes in viscosity 24/7. When integrated with a programmable logic controller (PLC) system, AV-10 helps ensure the solid flow of production.

AV-10 Rotary Viscometer

The AV-10 can be installed directly in a tank located in the production line to perform 24/7 continuous viscosity monitoring.
The rotation spindle features an air gap placed in the axial tube (similar to a linear motor) for a more robust and longer-lasting rotary motion, without mechanical damage. Rotors are designed to move with reasonable flexibility when colliding with a hard substance.
Viscosity management is a critical element of quality control relative to the haptic nature of food or cosmetic production. read more

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