Custron®︎/Shrinkage Stress Measurement Device for Resin Curing

Measure shrinkage factors and stress continuously and in real time

ISO 4216:2021

Custron allows users to visualize changes in the shrinkage factor and stress on resin materials when exposed to extended hours of various heating conditions in the production line — or when exposed to long hours of surrounding climate changes off the line. It is ideal for use in the curing processes of UV-cure and/or thermal-cure materials and adhesives, UV ink, and coating wax, among others.

Custron®: Shrinkage Stress Measurement Device for Resin Curing

Custron provides custom programming of “heat-up” and “cool-down” thermal profiles or cumulative energy applied by UV light irradiation.

*JIS Standards: JIS K 6941 – “Continuous measurement method of shrinkage ratio of JIS K6941 UV curable resin and thermosetting resin”
*Patent: JP5848109 – Measurement method of resin curing and shrinkage process
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