Tensile Testing Machine -STENCY-


It is a compact and lightweight tensile tester with size of 150 mm x 250 mm and weight of 1 kg.

※ Various customized types available

Tensile testing machine

Center-It is a tensile tester that can stretch. Due to its small size, it can be incorporated into analytical instruments and designed to the required size.

Main integration example; Integration into X-ray equipment, integration into optical microscope, integration into image detection equipment. It is possible to design and manufacture in the preferred size required at various analysis sites.


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For Synchrotron radiation facility

Use with microscope

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  • Small size, light weight, portable and easy to install

A compact, high-performance (maximum measurement strength 2 kgf, test speed 0.25 to 32 mm/sec) tensile tester.

It can be easily carried to the place you want to take measurements and can be placed on top of the desk during measurements since the test machine drive unit is small and light, measuring 150mm x 250 mm and weighing 1 kg. The physical displacement at the center position of the sample can be observed since the tension section moves in both directions and is pulled to the left and right side.

It can also be integrated into FT-IR, which is often used in universities and research institutes.
The desired tension speed, tension distance and limit pressure can be set.

Evaluation test

Measurement of static strength of plastics, polymer compounds such as rubber, various sheets, carbon graphite (carbon fiber), etc.

In addition to being significantly smaller than conventional tensile testers, it is possible to drive the tension part in both directions. This makes it possible to measure tension data from the center of the sample.

The tester with capability of tension part to drive in both directions is only found at

AcroEdge in Japan.

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  • two-way drive image

  • Integration into the equipment (FT – IR)

The ultra-compact and lightweight type compared to conventional tensile testers makes it possible to integrate them into analytical instruments such as FT-IR and spectrometers that are often used in universities and research institutes.

  • Control system image
  1. If you specify the job No., it works with one click.
  2. Since multiple program operations are also possible, operations such as repeated stretching and variable operation speed can be simplified.


Specification of Standard Models

1. Tensile Testing Machine

Small uniaxial tensile tester: Specifications

Small uniaxial tensile tester: Other

The above shows the basic specifications only. It is possible to manufacture customers specifications according to the request.

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2. Tensile Testing Machine (for the film)

It is a biaxial tension tester that can be customized to your needs

Two-axis type (for film): Standard specification

Biaxial type (for film): Other

It is possible to manufacture based on customers desired specifications upon request.

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3.Auto 1 axis tensile tester machine

This type of tensile tester can test while heating.

It is possible to observe automatic tension under high temperature control.

※ The product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice

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  • A compact, high-performance uniaxial drawing machine.
  • Various materials (film, rubber, etc.) are drawn automatically by temperature control from room temperature to 180 ° C.
  • The drawing speed (1 to 1000 / sec) and drawing distance (MAX 300 mm) can be controlled from a personal computer.

Automatic uniaxial tension tester: Specifications