Automatic Uberode Viscometer

Automatic Uberode Viscometer


A series of operations are easy and automatic!

Various liquid viscosity measurements are performed in the field of polymer chemistry.
In this viscosity measurement (using a glass capillary type viscometer), the series of operations from measurement liquid supply to measurement process of viscosity tube to measurement of dynamic viscosity and output of measurement results can be performed easily and automatically.

This automatic viscosity measuring device (capillary type) measures more easily.

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  • An optical fiber is used for liquid level detection and accurate drop time measurement is possible.
    (High reliability of sensing due to adoption of unique liquid level sensing system)
  • Fiber used: Standard type
  • Operation temperature range: 20 to 50 ° C (optionally available between high temperature type + 300 ° C)
  • There is also a separate high frequency liquid level sensor HF-300 type that can also be used for colored samples.
  • It is designed to be able to measure even relatively high viscosity.
  • From the experience of many years, it is possible to deal with the change of calculation and measurement procedure.
  • The calculation formula will be decided by a separate meeting session based on customers needs

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Dissolution-cooling-measurement-residual liquid discharge Fully automatic viscosity measuring device

In our automatic viscosity measuring device series, the fully automatic viscosity measuring device (above photo) was developed for PET, and the whole process of viscosity measurement “automatic dispensing → dissolution → cooling → viscosity measurement → drainage of residual liquid” Is an automatic viscosity measurement device that can be completely automatically performed simply by setting the sample on the turntable. Currently, major chemical manufacturers are operating 24 hours a day.