AcroEdge Corporation specializes on the development, manufacturing, and sale of analytical instruments.

  • UV Curing Sensor: Curea

    A non-contact and non-destructive measurement of a cured state. Since measurement can be performed without touching the sample, non-destructive inspection is possible even in-line.
    In addition, even when samples are placed in a glass or film (e.g., film bonding with a UV curing resin), it is possible to measure its state. read more

  • Resin cure shrinkage stress measuring device: Custron

    Continue measuring the shrinkage rate and shrinkage stress due to curing of UV resin, thermosetting resin, UV adhesive, etc.
    It was selected as a standardization project by the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry’s “New Market Creation Type Standardization System”. Using our resin cured shrinkage measurement technology, it was authorized to proceed with the “continuous measurement method of the shrinkage rate of cured resin”. read more
  • Surface reforming state sensor: Caisits

    Determine the surface reforming state of plasma, corona, and frame treatments.
    With the measurement sensitivity increased ten times higher than before, a full model change has been realized and the difference is detected more accurately. This device is typically utilized as an evaluation method of wettability judgment by using a wetting reagent, Dyne Pen.

    Caisits practical applications include organic electroluminescence (OEL), automotive interior Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) manufacturing , advanced film pre-treatment in semiconductor manufacturing, pre-treatment and post-treatment of adhesives, printing, and oil film removal before coating. read more

  • Tensile testing machine: Stency

    This ultra-small and compact tensile testing machine can measure the static strength of polymers such as films, rubbers, fibers, etc.
    This lightweight, portable and built-in device can be easily used anywhere, it can be placed on a desk while measuring. Since the extended part can be moved in both directions, the displacement of the physical property at the center position of the sample can be observed.

    In addition, the integration of Stency into an FTIR, which is often used by universities and research institutions, is possible. Most importantly, tensile speed, tensile distance, limit pressure can be set. read more

  • Ultraviolet irradiation device: Uvira

    Obtain a maximum ultraviolet (UV) energy at optimum wavelength.
    With its efficient and customized water cooling system, it allows modified design such as the large UV-LED.The UV-LED becomes more fragile as the size becomes larger, but it will surely achieve long service life with its own cooling system. read more

  • AV Type Rotational Viscometer

    Unlike conventional viscometers for R & D applications, this device/apparatus can manage viscosity in real time in the manufacturing process as well as for R & D applications.
    The ability to measure viscosity in real time contributes to stable manufacturing process control via control (PLC, etc.).

    Definitely, at the manufacturing site as well as in the research and development field, viscosity management can be performed reliably and conveniently. read more 

  • Capillary Type Automatic Viscometer

    Various liquid viscosity measurements are performed in the field of polymer chemistry.
    In this viscosity measurement (using a glass capillary type viscometer), the series of operations from measurement liquid supply to measurement process of viscosity tube to measurement of dynamic viscosity and output of measurement results can be performed easily and automatically. read more

  • UV Type Sensor + Automatic Stage Mapping System

    Measurement can be done without touching the sample, and inline nondestructive inspection is possible. Measurement is possible even when the sample is inserted in glass or film, such as film adhesion with UV curing resin. read more